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Trunk or Treat was a great success!

Nov 01 2010


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Spring Break 2010!!

Apr 17 2010

Spring Break 2010!!

We were it hit with “Spring Fever” and the Spring Break Holiday! Unfortunately, we were hit with snow and rain too! The dogs didn’t seem to mind, actually many of them were super excited to awake to snow, fun cold white stuff to …

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Naughty Dog’s

Dec 12 2009

These are some of the pictures we were sent when we went looking for “Naughty Dogs.”  I heard a lot of stories, but most people don’t grab their camera and take pictures of their dogs mess.  Here are two of my favorite..

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A Tribute to Naughty Dogs!!!

Nov 15 2009

The picture is not the best quality, but if you look close she is casually standing there drinking my two year olds sippy cup.
So after laughing at all the naughty things that puppies and dogs do, I decided that November and December should be a “Tribute” to all of our naughty dogs. If they were perfect how much fun could that possibly be.

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