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Kennel Cough: What You Should Know

Jun 06 2022



What Is Kennel Cough?

If you’ve taken your dog to daycare or to a boarding facility, you may have heard of Kennel Cough. Just like humans, your pup can catch infections and viruses from their surroundings. One of the most common diseases a dog can contract …

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Coat Blowing Season Is Upon Us: Get Ready For The Fluff!

Apr 02 2022



Have you ever noticed the large clumps of fur rolling around your house, like a tumbleweed in the wind, during the season change? Do you own a double-coated dog such as a Siberian Husky or a German Shepherd? If so, then you may already …

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Harmful Foods for Pets During the Holidays

Nov 12 2019

As we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas there are many foods that can be harmful to pets. Find out what they are and what to do if your pet ingests some.

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Trunk or Treat 2019

Oct 25 2019

Thanks to everyone who came to our 10th annual Trunk or Treat!

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