Harmful Foods for Pets During the Holidays

Nov 12 2019

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach, there are many foods that can be very harmful to our furry family members. Some foods that are good and tasty to people can cause serious problems for our dogs, cats and other pets. A few examples would be:

Grapes (including those growing in your yard)

Apple seeds

Artificial sugars



Check out OR for more details on the common foods to avoid this season. In order to prevent your pet from getting into things that can be harmful don’t leave food on the counter unsupervised. Securely closing pantries and other food storage places can also keep ┬ápets from getting into things they shouldn’t .

If you are worried that your dog may have ingested one of these foods are something else that may be harmful, contact your vet or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center 888-426-4435, immediately.

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