May dog of the Month: Maggie

May 10 2011

About Maggie:

Our sweet Maggie is a year old “Labweiller” (Lab and Rottweiler mix). She just turned a year old in March. She started coming to daycare when she was only eight months old. We have loved watching her grow up and become an (almost) grown up pup!!Maggie loves all dogs who come in to play. She is always one of our most friendly dogs here in daycare. She is also one of the craziest…. Any time there is a big wild and crazy play-group Maggie is right in the middle of the action! Some of her best friends are Millie, Beau (our live in foster dog), Little Lucky, and Shiloh, but Maggie isn’t picky and is happy to play with everyone.

You know your in good with Maggie if she chews on your arms. Silly Maggie loves to chew on arms as a symbol of her affection. When she gets dropped off in the morning for Daycare Maggie switches from chewing on her Mom or Dad to chewing on a “Ruffledale girl’s” arms! We all love our “love chews” from Miss Maggie! Because of all the fun Maggie has here at daycare once she is home she loves to get belly rubs and sleep to revive herself for another day of playing! Belly rubs are the key to Maggie’s heart. Maggie also loves chicken treats. That is another favorite of Maggie’s. Although, there are plenty of other treats that are yummy too!!Maggie is more than willing to do her favorite trick, somersault for any variety of treats.

Maggie was very happy to get to come home to her new family. She loves to play with her “cousin” Bear. Bear is her best friend to play with when she is at home. Maggie loves to get to romp around in her yard either with or without her friend Bear. Then when she is nice and tired, there is nothing better than lounging underneath the Apple Tree. Maggie also loves when her family takes her to play in the water. She dives full force into the river, then submarines before she finally comes back up. With Maggie’s little stubby tail, she kind of looks like a submarine. Maggie is such a sweet girl. We all love having her at daycare and hate the weeks when her Mom is off track at school and we don’t get to see our Maggie. It is so fun for us to watch Maggie and her “partner-in-crime” Millie. They are always on the prowl for something exciting to do! Maggie is the best little arm chewer we know and we all love her dearly!!

Crazy Maggie with her sidekick Millie..


Sweet tired Maggie..

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