February Dog of the Month: Maggie

Feb 01 2011

About Maggie:

Maggie is a year and 4 month old Chocolate lab. Her birthday is on October 13th 2009. There are more pictures of Miss Maggie eating her Birthday cake on her Birthday in the Birthday album. Maggie is a very camera shy girl so getting good pictures of Maggie can be a chore. She hides when we pull the camera out! Silly girl, she doesn’t like the spotlight. We have to sneak up on her with the camera! Maggie is known by many fantastic names such as; “Magalicious”, “Magadoches”, “Magnificent Mags”, and “Magdoll”!! Silly names for a silly girl. Maggie is a very special dog to all of the girls here at Ruffledale. She has been coming here since she was only 12 weeks old! She was such an adorable little baby we couldn’t help fall in love with her right away. Now that she is all grown up (well mostly) we all still love her just as much!

Maggie is an only child to her parents Andy and Lindsay. Her parents drove all the way out to American Fork to pick her up where her Dog parents lived. It was a long drive for little Maggie since at that time her new Mom and Dad were strange people to her! But once she got home she very quickly got comfortable in her new Layton home. Maggie loved getting to run around the house and check out all of the new and exciting smells! It wasn’t to long before she got to come and meet her new friends at Ruffledale too! Maggie landed the high life! Maggie is such a big part of her human parents life. She loves to cuddle all night on the couch with them. Maggie is such a loveable girl. She is so happy to get love and attention. She especially loves getting her belly rubbed.

At Ruffledale we never get to rub Maggie’s belly because she doesn’t hold still long enough! Maggie is too busy playing like a crazy girl with all of her best friends. Some of her favorites are Lucy M, Lucy L, Dutch, Stetson, Kayzer, Toby and Dash among others. Maggie will pretty much play with anyone! Maggie also loves to eat!! After all of her playing she needs lots of yummies to give her energy. Her favorite treats of all time are Puperoni’s. If Maggie doesn’t get to eat first thing in the morning she makes sure to let her parents know that she isn’t pleased, by whining. Other things Maggie loves are playing with plastic water bottles or any squeaky toy with stuffing. Maggie loves going on long walks with one or both of her parents. Maggie knows lots of tricks also. All you need is a Puperoni to get Maggie to “sit”, “paw,” “lay down,” or her most fantastic trick “turn around and jump very high!” That is an impressive one! Since Maggie is a purebread lab, besides eating another thing she loves is Swimming. Maggie hopes her parents take her back to Bear Lake this summer for some more splashing around!

We have all loved spending this last year watching Maggie grow up into an amazing dog! She is such a sweet heart and a very happy girl! She is a great addition to our daycare friends and we will always cherish the time we have had with our sweet girl Magdoll!


Maggie and friends Rufus and Soldier

Pretty Maggie

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