June Dog of the Month; Callie

Jun 09 2010

About Callie;

Callie is a 9 month old “flashy” fawn boxer. She was born on September 09 2009. She is extra petite and looks like she is still a tiny baby. Because she is so teeny, we all think she will look like a forever puppy. But don’t let her little size fool you! Not only can she hang with the big dogs, but she is the leader of the pack here at daycare most of the time! She loves to play and makes new friends every day. She thinks that all dogs and people are here to be her buddy. Any time we have a new dog who is shy here at daycare Callie will get them to play and have a good time. Callie has been coming to daycare since she was only 4 months old. Even then she was a wild and crazy pup who thought she was 10 times her size! We’ve all loved getting to know our sweet Callie and she has quickly become a favorite of all of our employees, and other regular dogs here at daycare.


Although Callie loves all of the dogs here at daycare, one of her favorite pups is Lola. Lola is an english bulldog who is close in age to Callie. Whenever they are here together, they are inseparable. They are so silly and always happy to see each other. Callie is full of spunk and energy, but she still has a bit of boxer laziness. She loves to sleep in until at least 8 am. and then likes to continue to be lazy as long as possible. She lives by the boxer motto: “Play hard & Sleep hard!” Once Callie hears her family walking in the house with shoes on she will jump up ad beg to come play with Lola ad the other pups here at Ruffledale! Callie is a very smart girl too. “Shake” and “Lay down” are her two best and favorite tricks. Of course she would do anything for her favorite treats Hot dogs and cheese! Other things Callie loves are her glow in the dark ball to play with, and having her neck behind her ears scratched. If you get her in the right spot, you will make her kick her leg. ☺


Callie was an early Christmas present for Kaylii her human sister. She was a surprise and her Dad drove down to Salt Lake to pick her up from her litter. He walked in the door to Kaylii’s room and everyone in the family was screaming with excitement over their new little puppy! Callie was instantly a part of the family and will always know her place with them. We are all grateful here at Ruffledale that we have gotten a chance to get to know her and have gotten to watch Callie grow up. We look forward to seeing her more and love having Ruffledale be a happy place for Callie.

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