Jun 28 2009

Gracie is a regular here at Ruffledale. She loves to come for daycare. She is well known by our clients as the dog on the coffee table! Her favorite place to be is standing, napping or playing on our coffee table. She is a beautiful Golden Retriever. Gracie just celebrated her 8th Birthday in May. Gracie has been a doggy daycare regular since February of 2005……that’s just four months after we opened our doors! We have all loved seeing Gracie every week. Gracie’s best trick is “shaking hands” on command. She loves her stuffed white tiger and chewing on Bacon Flavored Rawhides…Mmmmmm!!! What could be better?????

Gracie loves being scratched behind her ears and she will be your best friend forever if you start scratching. The rougher the better!!! Gracie is such a social little girl. She has never met a human or another dog that she doesn’t need to meet and say Hi too. She loves everyone who comes into daycare, both human and canine! Although she loves everyone, her favorite friend is a new dog here at daycare; A German Shepherd named Buster McGee. The girls at Ruffledale think him and Gracie are more of boyfriend and girlfriend than just friends! Gracie’s ideal day would consist of a long day at Ruffledale playing and socializing with all the people and doggy friends. Then a quick trip home to take a long recovery nap.

Gracie’s first day home was a little confusing for her. She decided it would be best to sleep and nap all day. Then she was awake to entertain her new master all night long. Thankfully Gracie has adjusted to daytime activity and nightime sleeping. Gracie and a very fun winter Cross Country Skiing with her Mom and Dad. She got to go leash free which was great because she was able to wander free to check out all of the interesting smells and things on the trails. Gracie’s biggest Pet Peeves is Cats. She just doesn’t understand them.

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