October Dog of the Month; Buddy !!!

Oct 07 2011

October Dog of the Month; Buddy H

He has been coming to play at Ruffledale since he was 7 months old. We have loved watching Buddy grow up.He has turned out to be such a silly and fun dog! Buddy LOVES all toys. The best ones are the ones that squeak.He also loves frisbees and balls that he can chase! Buddy is a great ball chaser! Buddy also loves Jumbones and Chicken Jerky. At Ruffledale he gets his fair share of Milk bones, and he is pretty partial to those too!

Buddy’s parents found him and all of his brothers and sisters on a corner in Bountiful. They chose Buddy out of the litter. We all bet that he was an adorable puppy. How could you resist a little Buddy?? After they chose him out, they took Buddy to buy a new collar, leash and a bag of food. Little Baby Buddy napped during the whole trip. Once he got home, Buddy’s new parents introduced him to his new cousin B.J., Buddy and B.J. have been best friends ever since. They love to get together and play. Buddy was his parents’ “first-child,” but in February Buddy will be a big brother to a human baby brother. We all think Buddy will be a great brother to a human.He is always very gentle and sweet with kids.

Buddy has a few Best Friends here at Ruffledale. Actually, we think Buddy may have a bit of a love triangle going on between Liberty, Kayzer and him. Liberty and Kayzer are both German Shepherds so we think he has a thing for German Shepherds. Buddy LOVES to play with both Liberty and Kayzer, but always one at a time. Liberty and Kayzer are both jealous girls and don’t like to share Buddy so they have to take turns playing with him. But Buddy is always happy to play with one or the other. Liberty and Kayzer are both such sweet girls, but are also a little silly and crazy. So Buddy must like silly and crazy women! Buddy’s other best friend (who is a boy) is Cooper the golden retriever. They play so hard together when they are both here at daycare. After they are all tired and worn out, they lay together and drink out of the water bowl for a while till they are re-energized and can romp and play again. Sometimes you’ve gotta have guy time with all the girlfriends fighting over you!

Buddy loves to have his butt scratched as well as behind his ears. Those are his two favorite spots. He knows some pretty cool tricks such as “Stick-em-up” and “down” to play dead, but he won’t show his friends here at daycare. There is too much distraction to be showing off his tricks here! Silly guy. We have all come to love our Buddy and have really enjoyed have him being a part of our Ruffledale pack for so long. We all adore him, naughtiness and all. He is such a sweet heart and we are happy every day when he comes to play!

Buddy in Action!!!

After a long day of play!!!


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