November Dog of the Month; Lucy

Nov 02 2010

About Lucy:

Lucy is a very sweet mixed breed pup. Her families best guess about her breeds are; a little lab, shepherd and some time of hound. But really Lucy is just all of the best parts of all breeds! November is the perfect time for Lucy to be dog of the month because she is celebrating her 1 year Birthday on November 3rd!! She is all grown up and has become such a great “dog.”Lucy loves her toy “Kathy the Kitty.” She loves to squeak her while she is playing. Lucy also loves treat time! She may not be a very good dinner and breakfast eater, but treats are definitely different! Lucy’s all time favorite treats are “snausages” and “peanut butter twists.” If Lucy could just eat those for breakfast and dinner, she would be a great eater. Too bad Mom wouldn’t go for that! Since Lucy loves her treats so much, she has learned to perform lots of tricks. Some of her best tricks include “sit,” “shake,” and “lay down.” She is without a doubt a very smart puppy.

One of Lucy’s favorite ways to start the day is by waking up to her Mom gently scratching her belly. Lucy takes it slow while she wakes up so she can savor all the relaxing scratches. Lucy’s favorite breakfast is wild rice and salmon flavored. After breakfast Lucy will be ready to come play with all of her friends here at Ruffledale! They she is wild and crazy Lucy!Lucy’s family picked her out at a Petsmart adoption day. One of the reasons they loved Lucy so much is because she was out of her kennel “hugging” the volunteer and “giving kisses” on his cheeks! Lucy certainly knows how to win over hearts. Once Lucy was home, she pottied all over in her new house…..Woops!! Then Lucy found the spot under her Mom’s bed where she would take things she is not supposed to have. That spot is still Lucy’s haven for hiding things that are “off limits.” Naughty Lucy!

Lucy loves going to visit her Grandma Wilkes in Wyoming. She likes to pretend she is tough and chase around the horses. She also gets to play with all of her cousins. Seeing family is always great. Also in Wyoming Lucy gets to take hikes in the Beautiful Mountains. Lucy has been such a great Puppy for her family. She has stolen all of their hearts and it isn’t hard to see why. Lucy is such a sweet girl. Now that she is one, she will continue to be a great “dog” for her family. Lucy loves getting lots and lots of kisses from all of her family. She likes kisses from “Ruffledale girls” too! We all have loved getting to watch Lucy grow up (even though she is still the bouncy and lively pup we all love!) Happy Birthday Little Lucy!!!


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