October Dog of the Month; Buddy!

Oct 01 2010

Buddy the water dog!   About Buddy:

Buddy is a sweet lab mix who always loves coming to play at daycare. Buddy is 2 years old. His family got him when he was already 6 months old so they just guessed his birthday to be May 19th of 2008. Buddy is a very silly boy. He loves to go swimming (no wonder he had so much fun at doggie swim day)! He is so gracefull in the water and is definitely a “water dog.” Buddy also loves to play Frisbee and would love to just play and play and play…. No rest required!! Although summer activities are great, Buddy also loves the snow regardless of his short fur coat. In the winter he loves it when his Mom and Dad take him snowshoeing! It is the best when it is so deep he can barely keep his head above the snow. Buddy thinks it is fun to go tumbling down all of the hills…. the crazier the better! Once he takes a good tumble down a hill then it is back up to fall down another! Crazy Buddy!

After a good long fun filled day in the snow or sun, Buddy loves to have the top of his head rubbed and scratched. Behind his ears is another spot that Buddy loves rubbed while he relaxes. But when Buddy is tired he HATES it when you touch his paws. If he is awake and active it is fine, but once he is cozy it must tickle too much! Buddy knows lots of tricks. Some of his favorites are “Roll Over” and “360˚.” Buddy will do any of these tricks and more if you spoil him with his favorite treat; Carrots (at least it is healthy ).

When Buddy came to his new home, his Mom was out of town on a work trip so it was just him and his new Dad at home. But how could Mom resist his sweet face when she came home to see him! Buddy followed his Dad all around the house for the first little while. Surprisingly when they went on their first walk, Buddy was a perfect angel! That was the final thing for Buddy to work himself into his new parents hearts. Good Boy Buddy! They knew he would be the perfect dog for them. Then Buddy got to come to daycare and make lots of new friends here! He is always so sweet and happy to be here. We all feel fortunate that we have gotten a chance to love Buddy too! Buddy is not only great with all dogs, people and kids, but he lives for the chance to get to meet everyone!

We love you Buddy!!


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