In Loving Memory…….

Jan 05 2010
Everyone at Ruffledale are mourning the loss of one of our most beloved daycare dogs. Cartman, a sweet 2 year old English Mastif passed away last week.
All of us loved having Cartman at Ruffledale. He was always the life of the party, playing with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and of course always getting into arguments with “regular” Packer a boxer. It was a given that no matter where Cartman was in the facility, his best friend and brother Butters was by his side, (or biting his back legs.)
Each of us at Ruffledale have great memories of Cartman, to his love of food and treats to how wonderful he was in the bath. Even at his large size he was one of the easiest dogs to give a bath too. Although he out weighed each and everyone of us here, he was just a big lovable teddy bear, a “gentle giant,” that we all loved to hug.
Everyone who entered the building would comment on “That gigantic dog on the couch and the cute little one laying on top of him.” He was also a great window display, I remember pulling up to the store and laughing because of Cartman’s face looking out at me and in the background his brother Butters curled up on his back.
Cartman’s love of life and the great friendships he shared will greatly be missed but never forgotten. We send our love to the family of Cartman, we know how much he meant to you and how he was a huge part of your life. We Thank You for letting us spend time with Cartman.
We love you! TeAnna and the Crew at Ruffledale

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