Naughty Dog’s

Dec 12 2009
These are some of the pictures we were sent when we went looking for “Naughty Dogs.”  I heard a lot of stories, but most people don’t grab their camera and take pictures of their dogs mess.  Here are two of my favorite..
The first is a black lab named Guinness.  Guinness was being puppy sat by his Grandma, she decided to run upstairs for a quick 20 minute shower.  When she returned she saw Guinness had turned her laundry room into a fun puppy painting center.  He tore open a huge bag of flour and found some fruit punch gatorade bottles to chew up and paint her a wonderful “paw painting” throughout the room.
He sat there so good to have his picture taken, so proud of his artistic work.  How could you possibly get mad at that beautiful puppy face!!!

The next culprit is this sweet boy named Pax, for such a little boy he sure knows how to make a big boy mess. When his owner (Natalie) leaves little Pax home alone to long, he decides to teach her a lesson. This is only one of the messes he has made for her.

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