Halloween Pics 2009!

Nov 03 2009

It’s Halloween time again… and of course we have our annual Halloween Costume Party! As I was getting all of my children’s costumes ready (one skin baby and 2 Fur Babies,) about a month before Halloween, I would dress each one up and take pics on my phone. I had to make sure the costumes fit and looked cute.. Then I would text message them to the people I think care as much as I do about my costumes, that I have searched for, mostly ending up on Ebay of course paying much more than they are worth, but well worth it.

With a big smile on my face my costumes are ready and complete and just waiting for Halloween!! That’s when I get a text message from my Mom, asking me if the poor dogs think I am a “nut case.” I laugh, realizing that eight years running I have dressed up my beloved Lab Dakota, and never has she made a peep, she happily plays along, no matter how she really feels, she trots along showing off her costume, just to please her “crazy” human Mommy. Then I think about my little boy and how at only two getting him to stay in his costume is a large chore. That is why having a dog(s) around is what everyone needs. When everyone around is asking so much of you, your dog is there to love you unconditionally no matter your “nuttyness.”

Here are some pics from this years Halloween party!! We had a blast, even if the dogs were wondering what was going on, so many items hanging off of each other to chase around and eat, but all in all it was a success.

Thank You for all that participated, we love you and appreciate your business!!!

And last, but of course not least, Heidi dressed up as a squirl!!

Buster, for some reason his photo is flipped, but he was the most polite Mailman we have ever had!!

Darko is dressed up like Devin, (inside joke) His owner!!

Booger is Dracula, see the scary teeth!!

Pax is dressed up as a “Bad Ass!”

It’s hard to tell what these girls are dressed up as, but they are dressed up as each other, each one sporting the other ones collar… tricky

Not only was Packer dressed up as a Shark, he also pretended to be one, chasing Sophia around in her Lion Costume..

Charlie horse was the horse, for the headless horseman, and he loves to give Jodie kisses, at eye level of course!!

Bubba as this years Hot Dog!!

Dakota in her Cheerleading costume, and Kenna was the K-9 cop this year.

Packer in his Shark suit!

KiKi in her Bee suit, our other foster girl!

Baby, In her Pumpkin suit, one of our foster girls!

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