Sep 01 2009

About Freckles…..

Freckles is a Tri-Colored Walker Hound who loves to play! She loves to come to daycare and is a regular attendee. Her estimated birthday is Feb 16, 2007. That makes her about two and a half years old. She still has the energy and personality of a puppy. Freckles is a rescue dog. Her Mom adopted her from the shelter. When she came to live with her new Mom she was very skinny and docile. All of the neighborhood kids came over to see her. It only took Freckles a week in her new home to perk up and become the wild and active Freckles that we know today! She is great with kids and thinks that she is one of their pack. Freckles Mom’s granddaughter loves to come over and give Freckles “Tummy Time” which consists of lots of tummy rubbing and scratching. Freckles also enjoys entertaining the other grandchildren by jumping over step stools.

Freckles loves to help her Mom garden. It is her favorite thing to do when they both go out together and dig. She feels like she is helping her Mom accomplish all of the things that they need to do. She lives to be outside and hangs around the door to get outside to the yard. Freckles does not particularly enjoy cats and is not nearly as friendly with them as she is with all of her dog friends at Ruffledale. Freckles loves to eat. If it were up to her she would just eat all the time. It is always great when she gets treats at Ruffledale. “Feeding Time” is probably one of Freckles most favorite times of the day. Mmmmm. However at daycare she only gets dog treats which are not as exciting as some of the yummies she gets at home. Her favorite things to snack on are all fruits and vegetables. At least she is a healthy girl! Her other favorite thing is having some cheese in her Kong. That is good because it takes a little longer to get it all eaten so it will last longer.

Everyone here at Ruffledale has loved getting to know Freckles. She is always so sweet natured with us. She loves hanging out with all of her dog friends. Freckles has a very distinct howl. She talks like a person and the more you get to know her the more it sounds like she is actually talking. Freckles really loves all people. When there are people she can’t get to through the gate, she puts her hands through and tries to grab onto them so they can make friends. But she is always especially excited to see children! Her favorite toy at home is her Mom’s shoes. She would much rather have a shoe that a dog squeak toy.


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