Aug 06 2009

About Buddha:

Buddha is a very fun-loving “Giant” Pomeranian! He is always the life of the party when he is here at Ruffledale. He is getting ready to turn four on November 8th of this year. Buddha loves all people and dogs. Kids are his favorite, and he will stop anything he is doing to see a little boy or girl. He is always friendly with everyone. Buddha loves to “talk” but never in a mean way! Buddha loves his stuffed toys, but his favorites are his “lamb,” “baby,” and his “monkey.” Although Buddha loves to play with other dogs in person, one of his biggest pet-peeves is dogs barking on the TV. He must be confused where they are and how he can get to them. Besides dogs on TV, Buddha loves to watch TV. He will stare intently for hours if it is a show he likes! He also hates to see horses being brushed, and gets upset. Maybe because with all of his long hair he understands that brushing is no fun!

One of Buddha’s favorite times was a road trip he took with his Mom to Arizona. He loved watching out the window during the entire drive just taking in all the new sights. He loved the way the landscape changed and all of the new things he could see. It was also very important for Buddha to protect his car during this trip, especially from the strange Joshua Tree’s. He would bark at those if they got too close! Buddha didn’t always love driving in the car. On his first day home he was really scared when he had to get in the car. He cried the whole way home and had an accident in the car because he was so scared. Now Buddha knows that the car takes him fun places like Ruffledale, Arizona, and to drive through windows that have ice cream cones! Mmmm Those are Buddha’s favorite treat besides Cheese. But really Buddha will eat “anything.”

Buddha loves coming to daycare. He has been a regular here at Ruffledale for years. We all have loved watching him grow up. Buddha usually prefers to play with the big dogs rather than the small ones who are his own size. Sometimes at closing time Buddha isn’t ready to go home and we will have to catch him to send him home. He runs right in without any hesitation no matter how many dogs are at the gate greeting him. He does get a little jealous though if his Mom pets too many other dogs for too long. He will bark and “yell” at her to stop! Not only does Buddha love dogs, but he also loves his cat at home. He is very nice to the kitty and likes to share food!

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