Our New Foster Dog, Buster!

Aug 07 2009

We currently have two foster dogs at Ruffledale right now.  The funny thing about them is they came from different situations but they look like brother and sister.

I am writing this because I believe it is a story that should be heard, for animal cruelty awareness.  Unfortunately not all our beloved pets have great stories.  So I would like to tell Buster’s story for awareness and because he is so sweet and deserves to be loved as much as he loves you.
Buster is a six year old lab mix, we think he could be mixed with border collie.  He is super lovable and loves to be with people and other dogs.  He finally is warming up to his enviroment here at Ruffledale and is meshing quite well with the others.
I received a phone call from a friend that she had heard about a dog in her friend’s neighborhood that had been abandon.  The family had lost(foreclosed) on their house and had packed everything up and left.  Unfortunately they decided to leave their beloved dog Buster behind, tied to a tree.  Buster watched his family drive away, kids and belongings and was left with only a small amount of food and water.
When my friend went and picked up Buster he was very sad, severely dehydrated and hungry.  They took him and let him recover at their home over the weekend.  When I was called I told them that of course we would let him live here at Ruffledale.
Now we need to find Buster a new home.  Someone who will love him and if a crisis did strike their family that they would take in consideration Busters life too.  We promised him that we would love and take care of him until we could find someone to do the same.
If you would like more information on Buster or know someone who would please call us.
Thank You, TeAnna

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