Jul 27 2009

About Bailey and Tessa:

Bailey and Tessa are two very sweet and outgoing German Shepherds. They love each other so much. They are rarely not together. Bailey was born on November 11th 2006. She was brought home as a tiny puppy and brought to Ruffledale not too long after that. Bailey was instantly a favorite. She was the cutest Pup. Her ears were still silly and floppy. Bailey got lots of visitors at home too because everyone was so excited for a little puppy. She picked out her family and was of course the “Pick of the Litter” which translates to “more money.” But her family couldn’t resist….they already loved her. Bailey was a little lonely and needed a friend, so her family decided to rescue another Shepherd. They found Tessa on a website and had her home quickly after that. Tessa is guessed to be about 5 years old, but since she is adopted we don’t know an exact birthday. After Tessa was bathed and given a new collar and taught some new manners, she fit in with her family wonderfully, Her and Tessa quickly became best friends.

Bailey and Tessa absolutely LOVE Pepperoni. They like the circle ones that go on pizza. Mmmmm Yum. Bailey and Tessa know a special hand command from their parents that tells them to lay down without any words being said. Tessa can also ‘shake’ and ‘roll over’. Bailey Finally just learned ‘shake’ after lots of work from her family. Bailey and Tessa love to come to daycare at Ruffledale. Their parents can’t say “daycare” or they will go crazy at the door all ready to go. They know that they have to sit in a special spot by the door before they get to go, but once they are free they run as fast as they can to the car so they can go. At Ruffledale their favorite person is Kathie the groomer. They are so so so happy when she takes her breaks with them out in the backyard. Bailey and Tessa try to block all the other dogs from getting too much attention from their “special person.”

Bailey loves to chase the laser pointer. She could go for hours without stopping if her family would let her. Her family has nicknamed her “Remote Contol dog” because she loves chasing it so much!!! Tessa is not so fond of Bailey’s laser chasing. She has been nicknamed “Our Ninny” because she does everything she can to make Bailey calm down. Bailey and Tessa love to go on walks and have special backpacks that carry their water for them. Bailey doesn’t love the backpack, but she knows she gets a walk, so she will give in and wear the backpack. But she gets so tired that she has to be carried home by the end of her walk. Tessa loves the walk and the backpack. Bailey and Tessa’s family refer to them as their “Fur Babies” in contrast to their other children who are “Skin Babies!!”

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