First Day!

Oct 04 2008

First Day!

We at Ruffledale have decided to start a blog…. This is the first day and we are all new to the blogger world… so this could be very interesting. All of us at Ruffledale are so excited to post all about what happens on a day to day basis. Each of us here not only are in love with dogs, but some people tease us, telling us that we all are “part dog,” kind of scary!!!

When I think about the comment of us being half dog, I first look to see if I have grown a tail, then I laugh, because the way we act I sometimes wonder myself. Working with so many dogs is amazing. You learn so much about the dog world, but then you realize how much it is like the human world. For example, we shake hands to introduce ourselves:they sniff bums to introduce themselves…as children we fight over toys:as dogs they fight over toys….If someone gets more attention then us, we get jealous: If someone gets more attention then them, they get jealous.  We need love: they also need love We love to play with our friends: they love to play with their friends I could go on for hours, but that would get boring..

I guess the best thing to realize is, that after working at Ruffledale I don’t just think dogs are amazing creatures… I know they are!!!!

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